google-calendar-reminderGoogle continues to march forward in the right direction with yet another update for its web-based calendar, bringing with it reminders this time around. If one were to recall correctly, in early December last year, Google updated its Calendar apps for Android as well as iOS with a rather nifty feature, that is, to include ‘reminders’.

Why was this particular feature designed in such a way to function as a cross-platform basis? Well, it was so that Google apps users need never have to miss an event, ever again, and neither shall they forget about that looming deadline or other happenings. The web version of their calendar missed the proverbial boat, but that is no longer the case.

Google has confirmed that the web-based Google Calendar will now be able to handle the reminders feature, and this means basically whatever entries that you create will be able to be seen all across the different devices and platforms of yours. Hence, any reminder created on the web itself too, will be spotted on all of your other mobile devices. Not only that, it also translates to the likes of Google Now, Keep and Inbox being aware of your calendar entries, which will certainly enhance the way you live your life. [Press Release]

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