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Google Reminders Arrives On Web Calendar
Google continues to march forward in the right direction with yet another update for its web-based calendar, bringing with it reminders this time around. If one were to recall correctly, in early December last year, Google updated its Calendar apps for Android as well as iOS with a rather nifty feature, that is, to include ‘reminders’.

Google Calendar App Updated
It looks like there is a spanking new Google Calendar app that has just been released, where it was specially designed in order to function as a helpful assistant, allowing one to spend more time to enjoy the day that will unfold, compared to using those precious moments managing it. After all, keeping on top of your schedule is not an easy thing to do at all, as you would […]

Google Calendar Gets Smarter, Helps You Stay Up To Date
The folks over at Google have been doing pretty well when it comes to making sure that you are able to keep track of all your appointments in a precise and concise manner, thanks to the introduction of Google Calendar for quite some time already. Needless to say, it makes perfect sense then, for the Google Calendar team to deliver updates so that it will be even more powerful and […]

US Gmail Accounts Get Drive And Calendar Search
Google, the maestros of search, has certainly done their bit to further enhance the Google search experience on your email, where it will soon be made possible for everyone living in the US to be able to perform an instant search on relevant emails, Google Drive files, and Calendar events among others each time you decide to perform a search in Gmail. Of course, this particular feature did not come […]


Yahoo! Calendar refreshed
Nice to know that Yahoo! has already sorted out whatever issues it ran into with their online services yesterday, and here we are with word that Yahoo! Calendar has been updated for the masses in order to make it easier to use, not to mention offering a more seamless experience as part of the Yahoo! Mail universe. For starters, Yahoo! Calendar now appears as a tab in Yahoo! Mail, where […]

Google improves accessibility for Docs, Sites and Calendar
Google has just announced in its blog that it has enhanced some of its online services to become more accessible to members of the blind community. Google Docs, Google Sites, and Google Calendar now have improved support for screen readers (JAWS, ChromeVox and VoiceOver (Calendar only)). Users can now use screen readers to help them read, browse, edit and create documents and events. In addition to improving support for screen […]

RIM purchases Tungle, looks set to lay calendar ghost to rest
One of the major gripes of early reviews concerning the BlackBerry PlayBook would be the lack of a dedicated calendar, but it seems that Research In Motion (RIM) has decided to remedy that after picking up the cloud-based, cross-platform, calendar management company known as Tungle. After all, purchasing another company with technology and know-how that you require to further enhance your business prospects is the short cut that many companies […]

Perpetual Pac-Man calendar goes on like Duracell bunny
Have an appetite for eating pills? That’s Pac-Man for you, and some enterprising person decided to take that iconic gaming personality and turn him into a cute little calendar. This unique Pac-Man Calendar can be made right from the comfort of your home if you’re feeling particularly bored over the weekend, where this Pac-Man is ferociously hungry enough to chomp through the entier month in a magnetic calendar format. All […]

Google Calendar Now Lets You Schedule Optional Attendees in Meetings
Bringing its features up to more closely match Microsoft’s enterprise-focused Exchange and Outlook environments, Google is bringing a new feature to Google Calendar that will allow users to schedule meetings, appointments, and events for optional attendees. Rather than scheduling a meeting or event as a mandatory event for everyone, Google is saying that it sometimes make more sense for some guests on your lists to decide for themselves, based on […]