Sitting behind a desk all day long can be quite the tiring experience, especially when you have tons of work piled up. Well, it looks like stuffing yourself silly with food and fizzy drinks as you continue to hammer away the details on a spreadsheet is not too difficult to do, while you pile on the pounds. The HOVR is a work desk that has been described as “the world’s first device that produces unconscious movement that burns additional calories while an individual remains seated.”


In other words, a desk that is able to help you work – and burn off those extra calories along the way. This sounds rather familiar, although there has been some other wacky inventions like the Super Gorone desk that lets you work from bed while you are lying down, literally. The HOVR is a purely mechanical, patent ­pending device which will be able to activate your muscles that produces movement of the lower body, while engaging the core with gravity, kinetic energy and harmonic motion.

Some of the health benefits include the equivalent of hourly “walks” as recommended by ergonomists – and you can enjoy all of that without having to leave your desk or to interrupt your concentration. It claims to burn calories even when you are sitting, and “using HOVR during an eight hour day burns approximately the same number of calories as walking leisurely for 45 mins (depending on the pace).”

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