super-gorone-deskThere are working desks, and then there is a special breed of working desks, too. Having said that, if you happen to be one who spends a whole lot of time with your laptop or notebook, you will be able to figure out the most optimal odd angles that you would have to contort yourself and the notebook in order to work your best. After all, one will need to take care of the prized family jewels, since the laptop can get rather toasty in the long run. Here is a unique desk for your lounging needs – which comes in the form of the Super Gorone Desk.

The Super Gorone Desk happens to be a portable mini desk which will double up as a couch or bed desk. It is also highly adjustable, and needs to be locked into place so that it can remain in the exact position that you would want it to be in. A strap is there to keep your laptop in place should you want to browse the Internet as you lay in bed, allowing it to hover right above you, while the fans ensure that it remains nice and cool. If not in use, simply fold it flat, and stash it away right under the bed or couch until its services are required. The Super Gorone Desk will retail for $121 a pop.

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