Nexus-6P-Black-02With the launch of the Nexus 6P last year, it marked the first time that Huawei has ever made a Nexus handset. Prior to that, companies involved in the Nexus handset program have largely been Samsung and LG, although we guess we can’t really complain given that they have been pretty memorable devices.

However could it be that Huawei might return for round 2 this year? According to a recent trademark filing, it seems that Huawei has registered for the name “Huawei 7P”. Note that this does not say Nexus, but rather Huawei. Of course it is possible that Huawei could be referring to the Nexus 7P as the Huawei 7P, but that could be a bit of a stretch.

Another possibility is that the Huawei 7P could be a standalone device that isn’t part of Google’s Nexus program. In fact just earlier this month, Huawei’s CEO did mention that the company had plans to bring a flagship smartphone to the US, so maybe the Huawei 7P could be the device that the company’s CEO is talking about.

No word on what kind of specs we might be looking at since all we have is a name to go on for now, so until then maybe you should not get your hopes up just yet.

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