mega-manWith smartphones being so powerful these days and capable of rendering beautiful graphics, one has to question if the need to own an actual handheld gaming console is really necessary. There are probably many gamers out there who still believe that there is a need for such consoles, but if you are not in that camp but would love console-quality titles, you’re in luck.

Capcom has recently announced (via Polygon) that they are expected to renew their mobile efforts, and by this they are planning on releasing new mobile titles that are based on existing popular franchises, such as Mega Man and Monster Hunter. These are usually titles reserved for consoles like the Nintendo 3DS, so to see them arrive on mobile is no doubt pretty welcome news.

Of course how they play compared to the console versions remains to be seen, but at least players will have the option. Unfortunately if you were hoping to get your hands on these titles in the near future, you might be disappointed because Capcom has stated that they are planning on releasing at least four titles by March 2017.

There is no firm release date on the titles at the moment, so for now gamers will just have to wait. This is not Capcom’s first foray into mobile titles, but like we said if you’re after more popular console titles on your phone, Mega Man and Monster Hunter could be worth looking forward to.

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