It looks like Moleskine is about to make the jump to the 21st century with the unveiling of their Smart Writing Set, which will be able to digitize your brainstorming moments. The all new Smart Writing Set will comprise of a $199 pen as well as a notebook, allowing you to jot down or make sketches of what is on your mind at that point in time, and simultaneously benefit from digital archiving and searching features.

The Pen+ is the star of the Smart Writing Set, where it is made of slender aluminum to form a writing instrument with flat sides and a sensor that is capable of figuring out every single jot or stroke made with it. You can hook up the Pen+ to an iPhone, iPad, or Android device over Bluetooth in order to send whatever has been written into a digital format. Just in case the Pen+ looks familiar, it is no more than a rebranded Neo smartpen N2.

As for the accompanying notebook, it is known as the Paper Tablet, sharing a roughly similar dimension of other large notebooks from Moleskine, albeit with edges that have been rounded. It is not the first kind of idea where a smart pen and notebook are concerned, but throw in the Moleskine brand, and you would most probably have a solid fan base established for it already.

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