diablo 3 cosmeticOne of things we love about Diablo 3 is how customizable your character is. This is thanks to the various skins and color options that players have access to, noticeably more than what previous Diablo titles had. Plus the Transmogrification also allowed players to create unique looks for their characters.

However if all that isn’t enough, then you will be happy to learn that in the upcoming Diablo 3 Patch 2.4.1, Blizzard has announced that the patch will be introducing new cosmetic items that players will be able to obtain. According to Blizzard, these new items will be scattered across the various game modes.

“We know some of you enjoy effortlessly slaughtering demons…and looking damn(ed) fine while you do so. To ensure your ensembles don’t grow stale, we’ve added several new transmogrification patterns in the form of common-quality items that drop off of named entities or rare chests scattered across the world of Sanctuary.Some of these items will be found in the bounty-ridden realms of Adventure Mode while others can drop off of specific Rift Guardians. Get ready to get hunting!”

In addition, Blizzard has also introduced new companions for players, such as a “walking” hand, a goat/sheep-like minion, and a young boy wielding a shield and sword. There are also new rewards that players can track down if they have the time and patience.

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