redditOnline harassment from other parties is nothing new among the connected folk, but this does not mean that nothing should be done about the situation. In fact, Reddit has just rolled out new block tools that will hopefully be able to temper harassment.


This particularly new “block user” feature was announced earlier today, where it happens to be the most recent measure that Reddit has taken in order to change its reputation as a place that is ripe for harassment to happen. Granted, Reddit did have a “block user” feature for some time to date, but the previous tool applied to private messages only, and this new tool will up the ante as it enables users to block others from replies and comments as well.

When checking out a reply in your inbox, you will now be able to click the “Block User” button, and this will automatically remove replies, comments, messages and posts that hail from that user, so that you need not see any of them, ever again. As with life, there will be exceptions to the rule as well, and logged in admins can still check out all messages and replies. Not only that, moderators can continue to view content from blocked users on any subreddits that are being moderated.

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