sony ps4According to reports from last year in November, it was revealed that Sony had managed to sell 30 million PlayStation 4 consoles to date. Earlier this year, that number jumped to 35 million, and now according to Sony’s latest financial report, the company has revealed that they have managed to sell a whopping 40 million PS4 units to date.

While 40 million units is a lot of consoles sold around the world, it’s hard to say how well it is doing since Microsoft has been pretty mum when it comes to the Xbox One’s official figures, but everything we’ve heard to date seems to suggest that the PS4 is indeed leading the charge in the console space.

An analyst report from earlier this month suggested that come 2019, Sony is expected to have sold 69 million PS4 units, while Microsoft will have sold 39 million Xbox One consoles. Given that Sony is a little under two-thirds to the 69 million mark, we reckon at the rate they are going they won’t have any issues hitting that number.

In fact Sony could possibly win over more gamers later this year when they are expected to announce the PS4.5, which is basically a slightly upgraded version of the console with support for 4K. Details are scarce and unofficial, but with E3 2016 around the corner, maybe Sony will share more information about the console then.

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