People who have the cerebral palsy movement disorder can find it hard to operate gadgets since a majority of the devices out there don’t take into account the difficulties that people with cerebral palsy might face when navigating the interface. A Sony employee went out of his way to make sure that the disorder didn’t stop one gamer from enjoying his favorite games. He made a customer PlayStation 4 controller for Peter Byrne who wrote to Sony that the DualShock 4’s touchpad was hard to use with his cerebral palsy as he would inadvertently hit the touchpad and pause the game.

Sony’s Alex Nawabi took it upon himself to make sure that Byrne didn’t continue to face the same issue with the DualShock 4 controller. He created a custom version of the controller. It took ten hours to make the controller which disables the touchpad and replaces it with another button to perform that function.

Nawabi even built a second controller for Byrne so that should one get damaged or just breaks down, he would have a spare one to continue gaming with. It’s not clear if Sony is ever going to come out with a production version of this but this effort by one of its employees goes to show that it really isn’t that hard to accommodate gamers with special needs.

The company employee did make it clear to Byrne that he was personally making this effort and that his gesture was not on behalf of Sony.

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