volocopterThe Volocopter is truly a unique piece of engineering, as it is an 18-rotor “super-drone” which is capable of actually lifting up a person, now how about that? Of course, stealth is far down the bottom of the list when it comes to the Volocopter due to its size and amount of noise generated from the rotors, but it is definitely a viable idea that has been proven that it works.

E-Volo, the German copter company, saw its CEO, Alexander Zosel pilot the maiden flight – definitely an act that gets the adrenaline pumping, for sure! The Volocopter is best described as a drone-helicopter hybrid, where there are two seats available on it, while it runs on an electric engine with precision control being manned by a joystick that is accompanied by a handful of buttons.

Could the Volocopter end up as a new way to get up and about in urban areas, and will there be new laws and regulations drawn up by governments and local councils should this happen? No one really knows, but it would certainly open up a whole new industry of drone licenses and piloting regulations if that were the case. There is still no word on how much this bad boy will cost, but cheap is not the keyword here. [Press Release]

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