android n night modeLast year with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Google introduced a new feature which basically gave Android’s UI a dark look. The idea is that it can be used at night where the darker UI will be easier on the user’s eyes compared to a white UI. Unfortunately for some reason the feature did not make the cut.

However earlier this year, the feature was spotted again under a new name called Night Mode inside the Android N developer preview. This led to speculation that Google could be releasing it in Android N, but unfortunately it sounds like that might no longer be true, according to a report from Android Police.

According to Android Police, they have heard from Google’s Dan Sandler that the feature might not ship in the final build of Android N. Apparently the standard of performance and polish was not up to Google’s standards, which is why it will not be released. Now given that Android N will only be released later in the year, this should give them enough time to rectify the problem, right?

Apparently not because Sandler states that it is unlikely it will ship at all. Once again we’re not sure why and what exactly is Google looking for in terms of standards with this feature, but it looks like Android users will have to miss this feature when Android Ni s released later this year. So far there are reports that the feature has been removed from the latest developer preview, so we guess Google is serious about not releasing it.

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