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Android O Beta Program Registrations Live Now
Nougat is the current version of Android and even though it was released late last year, it’s still not made its way to most compatible smartphones as yet. That’s due to the fragmented nature of the Android operating system. Nevertheless, Google is already developing the next major Android release codenamed Android O. At its I/O 2017 developers conference today, the company confirmed that Android O beta program registrations are live […]

Android Nougat Release Date Might Be August 22nd
Google released developer previews of its next major Android update even before it had formally announced it. For the better part of this year we have referred to it as Android N. Even Google didn’t have a name by the time I/O 2016 came around so it asked users to help out and suggest names. Nougat was ultimately selected as the official moniker, and now it’s being said that Android […]

Android Nougat Release Rumored For Next Month
Google has already released multiple developer previews of the next major iteration of Android. It confirmed during Google I/O 2016 that Android N, now known as Nougat, is going to be released over the summer. While the company is yet to confirm an official release date, rumor has it that Google is going to release Nougat next month.

Google Confirms Android N is Android Nougat
Google released the first developer preview of its next major Android release even before it detailed the update at Google I/O 2016, it didn’t confirm the dessert moniker back then, referring to it as just Android N. At Google I/O 2016 the company said it will take in recommendations from the public to decide what it should call Android N and it has finally decided. Android N is Android Nougat.


Android N Developer Preview 4 Released By Google
Google has just released the fourth developer preview of Android N – the next major iteration of Android that still remains unnamed – though there appears to be an indication that it could be called Nutella. At first glance it doesn’t appear that many new features have been included in this preview, however, it does bring several new APIs that enable developers to access all of the new features that are […]

Android’s SVP Teases (Or Trolls?) ‘Nutella’ For Android N’s Name
As Google had previously promised, they would be announcing Android N’s official name in a few weeks. Right now it’s really anyone’s guess, and some have ventured the possibility of it being called New York Cheesecake, while Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai did state that it would be nice to see it named after an Indian dessert.

Android N’s Official Name Will Be Revealed In A Few Weeks
Thanks for your submissions. We’ll reveal the new name in a few weeks! #NameAndroidN — Android (@Android) June 8, 2016Android N’s developer preview has been out for a while now and Google I/O has already passed us, but we still have no idea what Android N will be officially known as. Google has teased (or trolled) us with possible names, although just last month Google started to take votes on […]

Android N Might Get Tongue Twisting Moniker
The next iteration of the Android mobile operating system would be the Android N, and there has been a clarion call by Google themselves for the public to suggest names for Android N. We all know that each iteration of Android would be named after a particular dessert, where delicious names such as Marshmallow, Lollipop, KitKat and Froyo have been used before. This time around, what could be the finalized […]

Android N Enables Chrome Windows To Split
Have you had an overdose of Android N in the past week? Well, if you have answered in the negative, perhaps it would be all right to check out the fact that Android N does allows Chrome windows in both sides of a split screen, now how about that? After all, the split screen happens to be a standard feature for mobile platforms that is gaining popularity, for the simple […]

Moto G4 Plus Will Be Upgradeable To Android O
Last week Motorola took the wraps off the Moto G4 Plus. The handset is basically the company’s latest mid-range device that is also part of the Moto G lineup. Now the thing with Android devices is that as newer models are released, the older models don’t get as much love as before when it comes to updates.

Android N Seamless Update Not Coming To Existing Devices
One of the features of Android N that Google shared at Google I/O 2016 is seamless updates. This is a feature borrowed from Chrome OS and if you were excited by this news, you might be in for some disappointment because as it turns out, unless you are planning on buying a new phone, your existing handset will not be able to take advantage of it.

Night Mode Might Not Make The Final Build Of Android N
Last year with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Google introduced a new feature which basically gave Android’s UI a dark look. The idea is that it can be used at night where the darker UI will be easier on the user’s eyes compared to a white UI. Unfortunately for some reason the feature did not make the cut.

Samsung Flagships Could Get Android N Update In Q4 This Year
When it comes to Android updates, OEMs tend to be pretty slow with their releases, but if you own a Samsung flagship handset from 2016, it seems that you could be getting a rather timely update of Android N in Q4 later this year, at least that’s according to the folks at SamMobile who have heard the news from their source.

HTC Set To Deliver Android N Updates For HTC 10, One M9, And One A9
Today is a very big day for Google, especially with a slew of announcements and new products made on the Google I/O showfloor. Well, it looks like HTC of Taiwan themselves would like to be first out of the blocks when it comes to the new Android N update, where not one, but a trio of HTC handsets would be lining up to enjoy some updated Android N goodness really, […]

First Android N Beta Release Rolling Out Today
Since Google released the Android N developer preview a few months ago, much is already known about the next major Android release, Google went through all of the new features and improvements during its Google I/O 2016 keynote today and demonstrated some of those features as well. Android N is going to be released publicly later this summer but today the company has started rolling out the first Android N […]

Google Would Like You To Suggest Names For Android N
Google launched the Android N developer preview a couple of months ago, back then the company didn’t confirm what it’s going to call the latest version of its mobile operating system but while many of us expected it to announce a moniker at Google I/O 2016, the company has actually decided to throw the ball in our court. It would like you to suggest names for Android N.

Android N May Not Have '3D Touch' Support At Launch
It was reported last month that Google is working on adding support for “3D Touch” in Android. We expected that the company would unveil support for native pressure sensing displays in Android N at the Google I/O 2016 developers conference earlier this month but a new report suggests that the feature won’t be ready in time and that Android N is going to have support for it at launch.

Android N Will Prevent Stagefright From Happening Again
Last year you guys might have heard of a security vulnerability called Stagefright that seemed to have everyone rushing to patch it. For those unfamiliar, the vulnerability involved hackers being able to remotely gain access to a device simply by sending an MMS, which in turn would be processed by the phone and the code executed.

Sony Xperia Z2 Gets Unofficial Android N Dev Preview Port
When Google officially released Android N’s developer preview, they only made it available to Nexus handsets. We suppose this shouldn’t really come as a surprise since Nexus devices are as “pure” as they get when it comes to Android smartphones. However Google later hinted that it could make its way to non-Nexus handsets.

Android N Preview Expanded To Sony Xperia Z3
Every year Google releases a developer preview of the upcoming Android release. The previews are almost always limited to Nexus devices so if you don’t own a Nexus smartphone or tablet you can’t flash the beta firmware. In a significant change from the status quo, Google has decided to expand Android N preview to Sony Xperia Z3. Owners will have to flash the preview build manually first after which updates […]