wowLast month Blizzard announced that they would be shutting down a rogue World of Warcraft server that ran the vanilla copy of the game. The project wasn’t so much about pirating the game, but rather giving veteran players a chance to relive the glory days before everything was handed out on silver spoons to players.

The reaction was unexpected as many took issue with the shutting down of the servers, so much so that Blizzard actually acknowledged their claims and even announced that they would be contacting the folks behind the Nostalrius servers and seeing if they could open up discussions for a favorable outcome for everyone, which according to the team is expected to take place next month.

According to the update posted in the forums, “As announced previously, we are also in contact with Blizzard representatives. We are excited to announce that the meeting date has been decided: it will occur at the beginning of June at Blizzard HQ, Irvine. No precise date nor schedule will be provided for security reasons, expect a report within a few days after this meeting.”

It is unclear as to what will be the outcome of these talks, but suffice to say the servers will probably remain shut down. However if we had to venture a guess, it will probably be to discuss the topic of vanilla World of Warcraft, and how Blizzard could come up with something that would allow veteran players to enjoy the classics. As previously discussed, the idea of running a “pristine” server is one that is still on the table.

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