Nexus-6P-Black-01If you’ve ever need a reason to get a Nexus handset, it would be the fact that it comes with timely updates, meaning that when Google releases a new build of Android, you’re more or less guaranteed to get it before other brands do simply due to the speed and nature of updating Android phones (something that Google wants to change, apparently).

However it looks like you now have another reason to get a Nexus handset, and that is free unlimited backup of your photos to Google Photos, except that it will be in its original quality. Prior to this, Google offered free photos backup to all users of Google Photos, but photo quality was limited to 16MP, but now it seems that the recent APK teardown revealed that it will now be original sizes for Nexus owners.

According to the text discovered by Android Police, it reads, “With Nexus, back up all you want! Unlimited free storage for original quality photos & videos uploaded from your Nexus device”. That being said, 16MP is still a pretty huge size and still allows users to retain the details and resolution for a high quality image.

It should be noted that it says photos uploaded from your Nexus. Given that the Huawei 6P shoots at 12.3MP, either this is a sign that Google’s next Nexus will pack a higher-than 16MP sensor, or Google is assuming that photographers shooter from mirrorless/DSLRs will transfer their photos to their phones before uploading.

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