Google Photos Will Group Similar Photos Taken Around The Same Time

Sorting photos back in the day used to be quite a chore as you’d have to go through photos manually and group them by yourself. If you don’t keep up with it, chances are you might end up with hundreds, if not thousands of photos to go through which could take forever. These days technology has made it a lot easier.

Google Photos Gets Its Own Progressive Web App

Google Maps Go was the first major service to get its own Progressive Web App and the company has now updated the Google Photos site to double as a Progressive Web App as well. It’s the second major Google service that has received its own lightweight web app since December last year. Google will likely launch similar web apps for other services down the line as Progressive Web Apps can […]

Google Photos Now Lets Users Favorite Individual Photos

Given how many photos we tend to take with our phones and cameras, it’s easy to amass hundreds if not thousands of photos over the years. This means that going back in our archives, it can be difficult to try and look for our favorite photos. However if you’re using Google Photos, that could change.

Google Photos Uses AI To Bring One-Tap Actions

Google has renewed its commitment to artificial intelligence at its I/O 2018 developers’ conference today as the company revealed new AI-powered features for many of its apps. Google Photos is one such app that has now received several new AI-powered features and one-tap actions happens to be one of those features.


Google Photos Lets Users Create Their Own Themed Videos

Google Photos is more than just a way for users to back-up their photos and videos. It is also smart enough to group photos and videos together based on when/where they were taken, which makes it easier to find them later. It can also put together a short video based on the photos/videos that you’ve taken.

Google Lens Preview Rolling Out For 2016 Pixel Handsets

Searching for things using keywords has been pretty much the way it’s been done. However what if you wanted to search for something that you couldn’t really describe with words? That’s something that Google wanted to address when they announced Google Lens earlier this year, which is basically Google search except for images.

Google Photos Is Better At Finding Your Pets Now

If you like to take a lot of pictures of your pets (then again, who doesn’t?), you might want to back them up on Google Photos as the service is better at recognizing your best friends. It can actually recognize your pets which means that you no longer have to search for their pictures on Google Photos by typing generic search terms such as “dog” or “cat.” It’s going to […]

Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL Unlimited Google Photos Storage Valid Until 2020

If there was one reason to get a Pixel phone it is that Google will offer its users unlimited Google Photos storage for original-sized photos. This is versus the regular storage options in which users are given free unlimited storage for photos up to a certain size, and photos bigger than that will have a quota and any additional storage will have to be paid for.

Google Photos Update Makes Sharing Videos Faster

Sharing photos is usually a pretty fast process as photos in general tend to be smaller in file size compared to video. This means that if you’re on a slow connection, sharing videos can be painfully slow, but if you use Google Photos then the latest update to the app will help to speed things along.

Google Photos Removes 2,000 Photo Limit Of Albums

When you create photo albums, you might be creating a photo album for a holiday where once you’re back and uploaded the photos, you’re done. However there are albums that are constantly updated, like some might have a photo album for all their food photos, or an album with family photos, or photos of their kids growing up.

Google’s New Backup And Sync Desktop Client Is Now Available

Back in June, Google announced a new tool that would be coming to Google Drive in the form of Backup and Sync, which is basically a more robust way offered by Google to help backup the contents of your computer onto their services such as Google Drive and Google Photos, but for some reason the feature was delayed.

Google Photos Suggested Sharing Begins Rolling Out

For those looking for a service to store and backup their photos, Google Photos is a pretty good free alternative if you’re not too fussed at keeping photos at super high resolutions. Now during Google I/O earlier this year, Google announced that they will be making some changes to the way things are shared on Google Photos, and it looks like they are finally here.

Google Photos Can Auto Suggest Images For Archival

Thanks to the fact that pretty much every phone released these days comes with a camera, it would be safe to assume that people are taking more photos than before. This also means that over time we start to build up a collection of random photos and it can get very messy, making it hard to find what you are looking for.

Google Photos Gets Three New Ways To Share Photos

It has been two years since Google launched Google Photos. It’s now being used by more than 500 million people every month to back up over 1.2 billion photos and videos every single day. The service continues to grow and it’s only right for Google to make improvements. The company today announced that it’s adding three new features to Google Photos so that it’s easier for users to share the […]