Google Photos Now Lets You Search For Text In Photos

Have you ever taken a photo and it contains text and you wanted to search for that text within it? We’re not sure how many of you would have need for such a feature, but the good news is that if you use Google Photos, Google has announced that the service will be gaining a new Lens feature that will allow users to search for text within their photos.

Google Introduces ‘Gallery Go’, A Lightweight Alternative To Google Photos

There are many parts of the world in which data can be expensive and internet can be slow and unreliable. This means instead of being concerned about whether your video can be streamed in 4K, some are worried if their videos can even stream smoothly at all, or if their videos won’t eat up all of their data.

Your ‘Privately’ Shared Google Photos Links Are Actually Not So Private

Google Photos is great because as a cloud-based photo storage system, it allows users to upload photos that can be accessed anywhere. Users can also create photo albums and share those privately with friends or family members, or at least that’s what many have been led to believe.

Google Drive And Photos Integration Is Ending To Reduce Confusion

It has long been possible to sync uploads between Google Photos and Google Drive but that will no longer the case. Google has decided to end the integration between these two services in the interest of reducing confusion for its users. The idea here is to simplify the experience across Drive and Photos.


Google Photos Folder Might Stop Syncing With Google Drive Soon

With Google Photos and Google Drive being Google products, it’s not surprising that they kind of tie-in with each other. For example, you can view your Google Photos through Drive via the app, and if you did enjoy the fact that they synced with each other, you might be in for some bad news.

‘Express Backup’ Feature Rolling Out To Google Photos

The way we consume media these days and with our phones being such accessible cameras, it is easy to accumulate a ton of photos and videos without knowing about it. Unfortunately what this means is that when it comes to backing up content, it can take a while especially if you don’t do it often which ends up creating a backlog.

Google Photos Live Albums Limit Raised To 20,000 Images

The Live Albums feature for Google Photos went live earlier this year. It relies on Google’s machine learning prowess to automatically add photos of people and pets to a custom album. The amount of images that could be stored on these auto-populating albums was 10,000 at launch in October. Google has now doubled the limit to 20,000 images.

Unsupported Videos Uploaded To Google Photos Will Now Take Up Storage Space

One of the perks of using Google Photos is its unlimited storage for photos and videos kept under a certain size. For the most part this is a pretty good deal unless you’re a professional photographer or videographer that requires their files to be of a high-resolution for editing and printing purposes.

Google Photos For iOS Updated With Depth Control Editing

One of the features of Apple’s newer iPhones is Portrait Mode. This basically allows users to take a photo with their iPhone where it then applies bokeh to the image to help foreground objects stand out from the background. Apple further enhanced it by allowing users to edit the amount of bokeh after the photo was taken.

Google Confirms 10,000 Photo Limit For Live Albums

Google Photos lets users upload unlimited photos as long as they are kept under a certain megapixel count. However it should be noted that while photo upload and storage is unlimited, it has been discovered that Google’s Live Albums do come with a limit of 10,000 images per album.

How To Rotate A Video (Android)

Shooting a video on your smartphone is done easily, but it can become quite frustrating when the final product is not what you expected. In this particular case, we are referring to video orientation, which can be “wrong” for various reasons.

Google Photos Will Group Similar Photos Taken Around The Same Time

Sorting photos back in the day used to be quite a chore as you’d have to go through photos manually and group them by yourself. If you don’t keep up with it, chances are you might end up with hundreds, if not thousands of photos to go through which could take forever. These days technology has made it a lot easier.

Google Photos Gets Its Own Progressive Web App

Google Maps Go was the first major service to get its own Progressive Web App and the company has now updated the Google Photos site to double as a Progressive Web App as well. It’s the second major Google service that has received its own lightweight web app since December last year. Google will likely launch similar web apps for other services down the line as Progressive Web Apps can […]

Google Photos Now Lets Users Favorite Individual Photos

Given how many photos we tend to take with our phones and cameras, it’s easy to amass hundreds if not thousands of photos over the years. This means that going back in our archives, it can be difficult to try and look for our favorite photos. However if you’re using Google Photos, that could change.