IO Interactive has confirmed that the second Elusive Target will be appearing in the Hitman game at some point on Friday, May 27th. Elusive Targets were initially delayed and it was only a couple of weeks ago that the first target surfaced in the game. Fortunately, it hasn’t taken that long for the second to arrive, so players have something to look forward to in the coming week as Elusive Targets do present a compelling challenge.


The Elusive Target tile on the Feature Hub in the new Hitman game will be updated at some point on May 27th during European hours. That’s when the contract will be live.

Players should make sure that they’re ready to take on the challenge because the second target, The Congressman, is only going to be in Sapienza for 48 hours. He won’t come back and players don’t get any second chances.

These are all custom-created characters with their own backstory. They’re called Elusive Targets because they are only added to a location for a limited period of time. Players only have one chance to take the character down. They don’t get any do-overs or second chances.

Make sure to pay attention when Diana is giving you the intel because Elusive Targets don’t appear on the mini map or instinct. Players have to come up with a plan to kill the target while they’re playing, if they miss a shot and get noticed, they can’t start over as game saving is disabled.

Players who successfully complete multiple Elusive Targets throughout the season will earn in-game rewards.

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