If you have been playing the new Hitman game recently then you might be interested in finding out when the first elusive target for this title is going to arrive. It has been confirmed today that the first Hitman elusive target is going to appear tomorrow, Friday the 13th. Since elusive targets are meant to really challenge players, they will only get one shot at the target.

Elusive targets have been designed to keep players busy as they wait for new episodes to arrive. They will provide challenging missions with the ultimate aim of taking out targets, this is a Hitman game after all.

Each elusive targets mission has its own set of rules and the mission is only going to be available for a select period of time. The first target will be available for 48 hours and intel will be very limited.

To make it harder for players to find the target it won’t appear in instinct mode and on the mini-map while locations will also not be revealed. It doesn’t end here if the time runs out or players die during the mission they won’t get another shot at taking down that target. There will be no second chances.

As they say: you come at the king, you best not miss.

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