uncharted 4One of the features of Uncharted 3 is the ability for players to play multiplayer games locally via split-screen. It is a pretty nifty feature and local multiplayer is usually more fun since your friends are actually there with you in person. However if you were hoping that this feature would be coming to Uncharted 4, you might be disappointed.


According to the game’s developer Naughty Dog, it turns out that split-screen multiplayer will not be part of Uncharted 4 at the game’s launch. Note that this is only at the game’s launch which means there’s a slight chance it could be making its way to the game later, although we should point out that the developers are a bit pessimistic about that, even though they have not ruled it out entirely.

The game’s lead designer Robert Cogburn said that the feature was in development, but was later scrapped so that they could meet the game’s May 10th release date. Cogburn adds that it was a technically challenging feature that had many hurdles and obstacles, and that because of these challenges, they aren’t 100% confident that they will ever be able to release the feature.

However like we said, they are still looking into it and haven’t closed the door entirely, but if you are hoping to see the feature anytime soon, maybe you shouldn’t hold your breath. In the meantime the upside is that future multiplayer modes and maps will always be free. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End will be release come 10th of May.

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