uncharted_4_photo_modeIn case you didn’t know, there is a Photo Mode in Uncharted 4. Actually Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Remastered also had that feature which basically allows gamers to tweak certain aspects of the game like depth of field, filters, and lighting to get an image that one would normally not get in the actual game itself.

That being said, real-life pro wedding photographer Ray Soemarsono recently took the game’s Photo Mode for a spin and the end results are amazing. This goes to show that sometimes it isn’t the camera that you use to take the photo with, but rather how good and well-trained your eye is in terms of being able to frame and compose a shot, and also understanding techniques like lighting, exposure, and so on.

According to Soemarsono, “This is by far, the most beautiful game I’ve ever played. The fact that Naughty Dog managed to put this into a console is nothing short of a technological marvel. The addition of the Photo Mode is a blessing for the photographer in me and a curse for the play time. I literally stopped every ten seconds or so to capture screenshots from the Prologue to Epilogue that it took me so long to Platinum this game.”

We opted not to include a gallery of the screenshots because a lot of them are probably considered spoilers for those who haven’t played the game, but if you’d like to check them out all the same, head on over to Soemarsono’s Flickr page for the rest of them.

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