chevrolet-android-auto-pressWant to get Android in your car? Chances are you will need to get a car that comes with Android Auto, get an aftermarket solution, or wait for the update that lets you run Android Auto in its entirety on your phone. Or maybe you could just wait for the day when Android comes baked into your vehicle itself.

This is something that Qualcomm wants to help Google do and have recently announced their plans to do so. According to Qualcomm, “The initiative aims to help car makers create powerful infotainment systems using Android as a common platform, making it easier to add connected services and applications while delivering a safer and more intuitive driving experience. The goal is to accelerate innovation in the car with an approach that offers openness, customization, and scale.”

The company even unveiled the conceptual features of such a car at Google I/O 2016. Of course such an endeavor would also mean that carmakers will need to get on board with the idea, although whether or not they will remains to be seen. So far most carmakers we’ve seen have typically played neutral and offered customers a choice between Android Auto or CarPlay.

Or in some cases, they ignored either offering and just used their own systems. However we can only imagine that if and when a carmaker does come on board with this idea, it won’t be anytime soon, but what do you guys think of the idea of having Android integrated directly inside your car in the future?

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