russian_cnc_1The thing about video games these days is that they are starting to sport graphics that are more realistic than ever. In some cases this has actually resulted in news outlets on TV to share images of video games that are thought to be real, although we have to wonder what the excuse Russia’s UK embassy has for the image above?

It would seem that the Russian UK embassy has recently tweeted an image of a trio of Bomb Trucks from Command & Conquer: Generals in which the caption reads, “Extremists near Aleppo received several truckloads of chemical ammo.” Now to be fair, there is a small disclaimer on the screenshot saying that it is for illustration purposes only, but we reckon any other image would have been better, right?

Unfortunately this is the internet which means that what the Russian UK embassy did was quickly discovered by Twitter users who wasted no time in ridiculing the post with various other screenshots from video games showing terrorists and fascists “caught in action” (see gallery above for examples). However like we said, this isn’t the first time that video game footage has been used in place of more accurate images.

For example you might recall several years ago that the BBC used Halo’s UNSC logo in place of the actual United Nations Security Council’s logo, or when Iranian state TV used footage from Medal of Honor to show a Hezbollah sniper taking out ISIS targets.

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