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Man Was Supposed To Received A $1,700 Stimulus, Ends Up With $8.2 Million (Kind Of)
Most of us are probably aware of how much we have in our bank accounts, so imagine one day you go to your ATM and discover you have much more than you previously thought. This is what happened to Charles Calvin, a volunteer firefighter in New Chicago where he went to his ATM, only to discover he has $8.2 million in it.

Google’s CEO To ‘Prioritize’ Fixing Their Hamburger Emoji
Given how small emojis are on our phones, do you actually pay attention to the details of a particular design? It seems that over the weekend, author Thomas Baekdal posted a seemingly innocuous tweet regarding the hamburger emoji created by various companies, such as Apple and Google, and found something rather “disturbing”.

Bike Company Disguises Its Packages As TVs To Prevent Damage
We’ve all received shipments before where the box might have encountered some damage along the way, although hopefully in your cases, its contents have not. Unfortunately in some cases, some deliveries do get handled a bit rougher compared to others, which is why a bike company from the Netherlands has come up with an ingenious solution.

A Roomba And Dog Poop Aren’t A Match Made In Heaven
Ever dropped an egg on the floor and tried to wipe it up? If you have, you know that this actually makes it worse as due to the nature of a raw egg, trying to wipe it up and treating it like spilt water will actually spread it around and make the area of mess larger than it should. So imagine doing that with another substance like dog poop, and […]


Russian Embassy Tweets Image From Command & Conquer To Warn Of Terrorism
The thing about video games these days is that they are starting to sport graphics that are more realistic than ever. In some cases this has actually resulted in news outlets on TV to share images of video games that are thought to be real, although we have to wonder what the excuse Russia’s UK embassy has for the image above?

Man Claims He Invented Fake “Phuc Dat Bich” Name To Fool The Media
Several days ago, there were reports of a man by the name of Phuc Dat Bich who claims that Facebook would not allow him to use his real name. He even posted a passport photo as “proof” that it was his real name. This led to a bit of an outcry in which many news outlets were suggesting that maybe Facebook should revisit its name policy.

Programmer Created A Bunch Of Scripts To Automate His Life
Creating scripts to automate certain things is nothing new to programmers. In fact such automation has been converted into apps like IFTTT in which certain tasks on our phones can be automated as well, however how far would you go to automate your life? Turns out that one programmer wants to automate everything, including make a cup of coffee to texting his wife.The programmer recently shared those scripts on Github […]

Doctor’s Note Lets You Skip Work To Play Fallout 4 (Probably Not)
Fallout 4 will be officially release tomorrow and we’re sure many gamers out there are itching to get their hands on the game. Unfortunately Bethesda has opted to release the game on the 10th of November, a Tuesday which isn’t even the middle of the week. This means that if you have school or work, you probably won’t have as much time until the weekend to really play the game.

How To Make a Meme (Easy)
Memes can be found all over the internet and are very fun to read, or build. In most cases, these are simple pictures with two lines of text, enough to put a smile on your face. The best part is, anyone can create these memes and publish them to the world. The only thing required is some humor and the right toolsIn this tutorial, we are going to show how […]

HTC Pokes Fun At Apple And Samsung In New Ad
When you think of a premium Android phone, chances are your mind might drift to Samsung, and then you might also think of Samsung’s rival Apple and their iPhone. Apparently this is something that HTC does not want you to think about which is why the company has recently released a video in which they poke fun at both companies.Basically the video is created to look like an ad for […]

Android Mascot Peeing On Apple Logo Spotted On Google Maps [Update]
Update – It appears that Google has removed the image when you navigate to those coordinates. No official statement has been made either.It is no secret that Google and Apple are rivals. Both have mobile operating systems of their own, both have regular operating systems, both offer similar services, so safe to say that both companies are competing with each other in more ways than one. Both companies have also […]

Hillary Clinton Cracks The Internet With Error 404 Message
Hillary Clinton is breaking the internet with her latest pun-intended error! Not only is she all over the social media, but the error message prompted on her website is earning her extra brownie points.

An Apple “Engineer” Explain How The 12-inch MacBook Was Created
Earlier this week and as per the rumors, Apple took the wraps off their latest laptop which came in the form of the 12-inch MacBook. The device was rumored about for a while now and it looks like for the most part, the rumors were true regarding its choice of ports (or lack thereof) and the fact that it would be a fanless design.That being said we can only imagine […]

Hilarious Video Shows How We Sound When Debating Our Favorite Tech Brands
We all have personal preferences when it comes to hardware, software, or brands. For example we have people who love the Windows platform, but then you also have those who argue that OS X is better. You also have iOS users who boast superiority while those running on Android, Windows Phone, or BlackBerry might beg to differ.