sony-a7-II-2014-11-20-01When it comes to mirrorless and compact digital cameras, Sony certainly has managed to hold their own, what with the A7-series of full-frame mirrorless cameras, and the RX100-series of compact cameras that pack a 1-inch sensor, allowing for much better quality photographs compared to your typical compact.


Now if you’re excited to see what Sony has in store for us in the future, you might be interested to learn that according to Sony Alpha Rumors, they have heard that Sony has invited select people to attend special meetings that will be held in June. The meetings aren’t public, naturally, and it has been speculated that they could be related to upcoming cameras like the next Sony A7, and the next RX100 camera.

The cameras in question would be the Sony A7 III, and the RX100 V, both of which were refreshed last year so it is entirely possible that we will be treated to new hardware later this year. We’re not sure if the June event has to do with anything at Photokina which is scheduled for September.

It is possible that Sony might announce something at June, and only show it off in September. Either way it’s best taken with a grain of salt, but check back with us next month to see if there are any details to be had.

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