Crash-Bandicoot-1Just like how Mario is iconic to Nintendo, and how Master Chief from Halo is icon to the Xbox platform, Crash Bandicoot is one of the more iconic characters for Sony’s PlayStation platform, what with Sony demoing the game rather heavily during the launch of their first PlayStation console.

Now there have been several hints and teasers that Sony could be looking to revive the game and unfortunately for gamers, it sounds like that won’t be happening anytime soon. According to SCEE President Jim Ryan, it seems that the company is very aware of the demand for it, but it looks like Sony has nothing to say about a new game “at this stage”.

According to Ryan when asked about whether or not a new game would be unveiled in the latest issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine, he was quoted as saying, “Um… we’re certainly aware of the considerable affection—even reverence—in which the mighty Crash is held. But nothing to update at this stage in that area.”

In fact earlier this month, the voice actor who did the work for Doctor Neo Cortex (a character from the franchise) seemed to hint that a new Crash Bandicoot game was in the works, but he has since clarified that he isn’t aware of any new Crash Bandicoot game being in the works, although he would love to do it if there were.

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