There have been many reports recently suggesting that Sony is shaking up its mobile lineup, it has been said that the company has axed its Xperia Z lineup and now the latest out of Asia suggests that the company has also cancelled the Xperia C and Xperia M series smartphones. Apparently Sony has decided that the upcoming Xperia X series is going to be its main lineup until 2018.

What this means is that Sony is looking to streamline its smartphone product portfolio and that it aims to push all future handsets under one Xperia X brand. It doesn’t mean that the company is only going to offer just one handset.

We might see that the company will introduce mid-range and high-end flagship smartphones under the Xperia X brand, differentiated by the specifications, pricing and monikers, but with one brand name.

A leaked slide from a Sony presentation is making the rounds in Asian publications, it shows that Sony considers Xperia X to be “chapter 3” of its mobile journey and that the handsets under this brand will represent “Xperia for new communication.” From the looks of it, chapter 3 is going to run from 2016 to 2018.

It can’t be said for sure right now when Sony will showcase new handsets that are a part of the Xperia X lineup but it’s possible that we might hear something at IFA 2016 in a few months.

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