tgp boxTencent is a Chinese company that some of you guys might be familiar with. They are behind the popular messaging app WeChat, and they are also shareholders in Epic and they also own Riot Games, the developer of League of Legends. Basically it sounds like the company has their fingers in many pots.

Now it looks like during CES Asia, the company has announced another market that they will be moving into, which is the gaming console market. The company has announced (via AllChinaTech) their own gaming console called the Tencent Games Platform (TGP) Box which at the end of the day, sounds more like a Steam Machine rather than a Xbox One or PS4-like console.

The TGP Box will be powered by a 6th gen Intel core processor and will run on Windows 10. It will be able to download games and stream it to the console and will be capable of running titles like League of Legends (no surprises there), FIFA Online 3, NBA 2K Online, Monster Hunter Online, and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Tournament.

Given that most of Tencent’s products are based and limited to China or the Asian region, it is unclear if the TGP Box will ever make its way stateside, although they will face pretty stiff competition if they do. However over in China and with the ban on consoles only lifting last year, we reckon they might have a pretty good fighting chance.

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