Amazon’s Kindle e-readers are some of the best products money can buy if you’re in the market for an e-reader. It has built a whole ecosystem around that and the latest addition to this ecosystem is a new digital bookmark feature called Page Flip. Amazon calls it the “digital equivalent of sticking your fingers in the book.” As the name suggests, this feature will make it easier for people to keep their place in an e-book they were reading while they digitally flip through it.

Amazon Kindle VP Jeff Kunis explains that the Page Flip feature has been created with non-fiction readers in mind who often flip through the books in order to check endnotes, glossaries, and other referenced material. It can prove to be a chore for them to navigate back to the page they were on after flipping ahead.

The Page Flip feature will offer two different viewing styles for flipping through the pages of an e-book. Users can choose between a bird’s eye view or a zoomed-in view. The feature ensures that they never loose their place in the book while they’re flipping ahead or back to find something else in that same book.

Amazon is making the Page Flip feature available starting today for all Kindle e-readers, Fire tablets, and it will also be available in the Kindle app for iOS and Android.

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