overwatch-dva-screenshot-001If there’s one unique aspect of Blizzard’s Overwatch that’s different from other FPS titles, it would be the lack of toxic behavior from players. Sure, you get the occasional bad egg or two, but for the most part you don’t see the same name-calling and rude taunts that you would get with other FPS games.

It is unclear why that is, but either way it looks like Blizzard is serious about keeping the experience as fair as possible, which is why according to reports, the developer has already banned around 1,572 players who have been caught cheating in the game. There have been multiple forum posts on hack providers in which it shows that Blizzard is certainly aware of their cheating ways, no matter how clever the hackers try to be.

It also seems that Blizzard doesn’t care if you don’t plan to cheat anymore in the future. One player claimed that after he was caught cheating, he decided to buy a new copy and to play it properly this time, but apparently he was banned again. He repeated this process a few more times before purging his entire PC, changing hard drive IDs, MAC address, BiosDate, and even buying a new VPN, but it all seemed to be in vain.

The email that Blizzard has sent out to those it caught cheating has a line that reads, “Our support staff will not overturn these closures and may not respond to appeals.” Just last month Blizzard already made it pretty clear that cheaters would be permanently banned, and it certainly looks like they will be sticking to their guns.

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