The latest DOOM multiplayer update brings several improvements to the online gameplay experience. A post on the Bethesda community forums has confirmed that id Software has rebalanced some of the multiplayer weapons in this latest update. These weapons include the Chaingun, Combat Shotgun, and Rocket Launcher. The multiplayer update also reduces the wait time between matches.

This update further reduces the wait time between matches to 60 seconds. Clan Arena and Freeze Tag will now require the winning team to complete five rounds in order to win the match.

DOOM’s next update is going to be released later this month, it’s going to bring several new features and improvements for this popular game.

The next update adds a Photo Mode for taking in-game screenshots, a classic DOOM weapon placement/view model option, new Snapmap features, AI pathing and logic fixes, as well as various bug fixes which include players accidently enabling Dev Mode. The full patch notes will be released when the update is about to be rolled out.

The multiplayer improvement update has been rolled out, it’s a server-side update so players don’t have to do anything, only an hour-long server outage was required to get the update up and running perfectly. Players will now see these improvements in place.

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