It’s hard not to blow through your entire mobile data allocation for the month. With so many data-intensive apps and services, one can easily run out of data if just a couple of hours. Many apps and services have tools in place that enable users to conserve data usage when they’re on a cellular connection, and it appears that Facebook is testing something similar for its Android application.

It looks like Facebook is testing a new toggle in the official Android app that will enable the app to use less data, indeed, that’s what the toggle itself is called and it’s pretty self-explanatory.

There doesn’t appear to be much science behind the method that this toggle will apply to reduce data usage because it simply bumps down the resolution of photos displayed in the News Feed, which in turns consumes less data. It seems quite simple enough. That’s what it appears to be on the surface anyway, it’s possible that the app could do much more below the surface in order to reduce data usage.

For now, the toggle is placed at the top of the app’s sidebar menu, but it’s possible that it might be relegated to some other corner of the app once this toggle is rolled out widely.

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