google_play_storeSo earlier we reported that Apple has plans to improve revenue sharing with developers through a subscription model, where developers who successfully get users to subscribe for a year will see revenue sharing improve from 30/70 to 15/85. Now according to a report from Recode, it looks like Google has similar plans as well.

Now we’re not sure if Google plans to implement a similar subscription strategy (where all apps can adopt a subscription model) to its apps, but Recode claims that in terms of revenue sharing, Google has a similar 15/85 idea. However the only difference is that Google will offer developers 15/85 right off the bat, whereas like we said earlier, Apple will require developers to have maintained its users for at least a year.

Recode’s sources are claiming that Google has already been testing out this new split with some entertainment companies, and that they actually implemented this a year ago to help improve Play subscription numbers, although it is unclear as to when the new revenue sharing plan will become available to all developers.

Either way, it’s definitely starting to look like app development is become more lucrative with these new revenue sharing models which will hopefully encourage more indie developers to get on board.

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