lenovo bendable phoneSo there are rumors that Samsung could be working on a bendable/foldable phone. However it seems that ahead of Samsung actually unveiling their product, companies like Oppo have beaten them to the punch, albeit in prototype/concept form, and now it looks like we have another hat throw into the ring by Lenovo.

At the company’s event where they announced the Moto Z, Moto Z Force and the Moto Mods, they also showed off a prototype smartphone that has the ability to bend. It was actually shown off via an audience plant in the form of screenwriter and producer Meghan McCarthy, who stood up during the presentation snapped the phone onto her wrist.

In addition, she also took out a table which she proceeded to fold into half and use as a smartphone. Unfortunately according to Lenovo’s CTO Peter Hortensius, the devices shown off are merely concepts and aren’t fully functional yet. Hortensius does state that in order for a phone to truly bend, it would need things like a battery that can bend, and a motherboard that can bend as well.

However if anything we guess this kind of indicates that Lenovo is interested in the technology, so it looks like Samsung won’t be the only company who will be bringing such devices to the market in the future.

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