Oppo folding phone-970-80Recently Samsung’s own foldable display was demonstrated at an event which lent credence to rumors that the company is now one step closer to launching a smartphone with a foldable display, something that has been rumored about for a while now. However it looks like Oppo wants in on the fun as well.

According to recent sightings, it seems that Oppo has demonstrated their own foldable display prototype. As you can see in the photo above, it shows an Oppo smartphone prototype with a display that is clearly foldable. The end result is a smartphone that can be flipped open and closed, reminding us of flip phones from back in the day.

However according to the report from Zaeke, the product on display is currently a prototype which means that we have no idea if and when Oppo will actually bring it to market. The prototype’s design is also not very attractive and appears to be rather bulky, but then again it is a prototype so we guess design wasn’t really its main concern.

From the looks of it, the phone is running some version of Android, and it shows the battery’s status as full, presumably to demonstrate that even if it is folded, its battery will continue to work. No word on whether or not Oppo will actually go through with it and launch such a device, but it looks like Samsung may now have a competitor.

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