memory leakIt was only in the iPhone 6s that Apple finally made the move to include more RAM, bringing it up to 2GB. However this pales in comparison to Android phones in which 3-4GB seems to be the standard, plus there are rumors that this could soon be going up to as much as 6GB, but then again what’s the point of so much RAM if it isn’t being utilized properly, right?

For some Android users, they have noticed that there is a memory leak in Android 6.0 Marshmallow, but the good news is that it looks like Google has acknowledged the issue and that they are planning on addressing it in a future release, at least according to the Android Issue Tracker which has marked the problem for a “Future Release”.

According to the original post, “It seems the memory leak that plagues us since Lollipop isn’t totally solved. I’ve been keeping my device ON for almost 28 days now, only to find out that ‘System’ will continue to eat through your RAM non-stop, again. Right after boot, it’s at 300-400mb, and now I’m at almost 1 GB of usage, and it never decreases.”

Now we’re not sure what “Future Release” means as it could mean several things. One of which could be that we might see a fix in an upcoming patch, or it could be that we will only see it fixed with the release of Android N, but either way we guess we can take comfort knowing that a fix is coming, eventually.

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