nintendo virtual boyThere are rumors that the reason why the Nintendo NX is launching next year instead of this year is because Nintendo wanted to integrate virtual reality technology into the console. Given that Sony has the PlayStation VR and Microsoft will be supporting VR games on the Xbox, this rumor kind of makes sense.

However interestingly enough there is a chance the rumors could be false. Speaking in an interview with Bloomberg, Nintendo of America’s President Reggie Fils-Aime revealed the company’s stance on VR, and from what he said it doesn’t sound like Nintendo believes that VR is ready for mainstream consumption at the moment.

Fils-Aime was quoted as saying, “We’ve been looking at the VR space since the days of the Virtual Boy. With us, we want to make sure our next content is going to be mainstream, mass-market approachable, and when something like VR is at that point, you can expect Nintendo to be there.”

Like we said, from his statement it sounds like Nintendo won’t be investing in the tech anytime soon, which means that rumors of the Nintendo NX supporting the technology might not be true either. That being said, Fils-Aime did previously stated that with the NX, the goal is to focus more on the games and less on the specs.

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