pinterest_shoppingThe difference between shopping on websites like Pinterest and Amazon is that the latter is more about recommending you items based on what you’ve shopped for in the past or products you’ve searched for before. Pinterest on the other hand feels like items have been handpicked, which we guess is true to a certain extent as users can share their Pins and items that they find interesting.


Now it seems that Pinterest is taking its shopping experience to the next level. Announced at an event held in San Francisco recently Pinterest revealed an upcoming feature (via Engadget) that basically allows users to shop for items by snapping a photo of it. For example if you’re in a hotel and you love the way the room is decorated, just snap a photo and you will be able to find similar items.

As you can see in the screenshot to the right, basically when you snap a photo of the object (or objects), Pinterest will attempt to identify said objects in the photo and will then search for items on its website that are identical (or as identical as it can be) to it. We suppose it could be less creepy if you were to approach a person to ask them where they got their bag from rather than sneakily trying to grab a photo.

However if you’re shy about approaching people or if they’re not helpful, this could come in handy.

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