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Facebook Takes A Run At Pinterest With Its New ‘Hobbi’ App
If you’re looking for a way to gather ideas or store some of your favorite findings on the internet, Pinterest is probably a good place to start. However, it seems that Facebook could be trying to take a run at Pinterest with something of their own, as the company has recently launched a new app called Hobbi.

Instagram Could Be Thinking Of Taking Pinterest On With ‘Collections’
Instagram contains a ton of posts that are interesting, such as restaurants that you might want to check out, places you want to visit, shops you might want to buy something from, and so on. This is why a couple of years ago Instagram launched a Bookmarks feature that let users save posts into a private collection.

Pinterest Is Now Blocking Vaccination Related Searches
There is a lot of fake information floating out there, and while we would like to think all of us are smart enough to tell the fake from the real, or at least do enough research to come to our own conclusions, that isn’t always the case. As they say, a little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing.

Instapaper Moves On From Pinterest And Becomes Independent Again
Some of you might remember that online bookmarking service Instapaper was acquired by Pinterest two years ago. It announced today that the company is going to be independent once again and has signed an agreement with Pinterest to transfer the ownership of Instapaper to a new company called Instant Paper, Inc.


Google Testing Pinterest Style Image Search Layout
Over the years Google has made changes and improvements to the way its image search returns results. However according to a report from TechCrunch, Google is testing yet another layout and this one seems to be inspired by Pinterest, as you can see in the screenshot above, so if you do enjoy how Pinterest lays out its content, then this should be good news for you.

How To Delete Your Pinterest Account
Tired of pinning Articles/Images? Maybe the user interface isn’t compelling enough to keep adding pins forever. Whatever the reason be – you do want to know how to delete Pinterest account and you have come to the right place to look more on it.

Pinterest Will Be Killing Off Its ‘Like’ Button
The Like button has become pretty ubiquitous these days, where it provides users with a quick way to show their appreciation for a post or item they see online. However in an interesting move, it seems that Pinterest has decided that they will be removing the feature from its website.

Bixby On Galaxy S8 Has Pinterest Visual Search Integration
Samsung officially unveiled the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+ yesterday and detailed all of the new features that the flagship brings. Bixby is one of those features. It’s a voice control interface that basically lets users do anything they can on the device with a tap by using voice commands. It also has other neat tricks up its sleeve, one of which is Pinterest visual search integration.

Pinterest’s Lens Now Available To All Users In The US
Have you ever seen an item worn by someone in real-life, or maybe you saw some dinnerware at a restaurant, or some interesting furniture at your friend’s house, and wondered where you might be able to buy them? The good news is that your search just got a little easier thanks to Pinterest opening up its Lens feature to all of its US users.

NASA Shares Its Database Of GIFs With Giphy
Giphy is one of the many databases in which users can access animated GIFs to be used in their conversations, like on Apple’s iMessages, or on the internet. Now it seems that NASA has decided to open up their database of GIFs to Giphy to allow users to access various space and NASA-related GIFs.

Instapaper Premium Is Now Free For All
Instapaper was acquired by Pinterest earlier this year and the first major move since has been made today. Instapaper’s premium version has now been opened up for all users, they will no longer need to pay a monthly fee in order to access the premium version of this service. While Instapaper’s team will work to improve Pinterest’s core experience as part of the acquisition, it will continue to exist as […]

Pinterest Will Soon Let You Shop For Items By Snapping A Photo
The difference between shopping on websites like Pinterest and Amazon is that the latter is more about recommending you items based on what you’ve shopped for in the past or products you’ve searched for before. Pinterest on the other hand feels like items have been handpicked, which we guess is true to a certain extent as users can share their Pins and items that they find interesting.

Pinterest App Can Now Perform Visual Searches
Pinterest is a great source of inspiration if you’re looking to decorate your house or just want to get some ideas on how you can make your surroundings more beautiful. There’s obviously much more to Pinterest than that but it’s just an example of what’s possible when you use this service. Come across something you like in a pin but not quite sure where to find it or what it’s […]

Buyable Pins (Finally) Make Their Way Onto Android
Back in June, Pinterest rolled out a new feature for its iOS users in the form of buyable pins. The good news is that if you’re an Android user and want that same feature and convenience, Pinterest has finally rolled out the feature to you guys. The update should be available via the Google Play Store so head on over for the update.For those who are curious about the buyable […]

Pinterest’s Buyable Pins Lets You Make Purchases Directly
Pinterest is a great place to go for inspiration for all sorts of things, such as recipes, DIY projects, clothing, artwork, and more. Some companies have taken advantage of Pinterest by posting products with a link to their website in which they can purchase said product. However to help speed things up, Pinterest has recently debuted Buyable Pins (via TechCrunch) on its website.As the name suggests, Buyable Pins are basically […]

Bing Image Search Evolves With Multiple New Features
Bing’s image search is becoming more convenient and useful today with the latest update. Bing will now show interesting information when a user selects a picture in the search results, such as places to buy a particular product that’s in the image, related searches, or a list of pages which contain more info on that image.

Pinterest Introduces Faster Pinning
It was just a couple of months ago that rumors went flying about, citing that Pinterest could jolly well introduce a “Buy” button to their site. Well, rumors being rumors, it will take time for it to be debunked or to get confirmed. Today, we have something else that is different – and a whole lot more concrete in nature due to it being from the horse’s mouth – the […]

Animated Ad Pins Coming To Pinterest
In September 2013 Pinterest launched a beta program which showed users promoted pins from a selected group of advertisers in category feeds and search results. This was part of CEO Ben Silbermann’s monetization strategy for the online service which has been around for some five years. Promoted Pins went live for all users earlier this year and now Pinterest is going to test animated ad pins.

Pinterest Could Be Working On Adding A "Buy" Button To Their Site
Earlier we reported that Pinterest had debuted a new “apps Pin” feature that basically allowed Pinterest users to discover new apps that they might have missed, and also the ability to install said app on their phone within the Pinterest app itself. That is a pretty neat function, but what about the rest of the pins?Could these pins be gaining more functionality? According to the folks at Re/code, the answer […]

Pinterest Debuts "App Pins" Feature, Makes App Discovery Easier
Pinterest is a great way for you to “pin” things that interest you on the internet. It could be a cool piece of art, a nice drawing, an upcoming gadget, interior design ideas, furniture, food, and etc. These pins can then be shared with your friends and followers who might also be able to draw inspiration from what you have shared with them.So why can’t the same concept be applied […]