It is to be expected that when using WiFi at home that there will be certain places in the house that will have better coverage than others. This will depend on a variety of things, like the signal strength of your WiFi router, the placement of the router, and how many walls the WiFi signal needs to travel to in order to get to a certain location.


However poor WiFi coverage could soon go the way of the dinosaur, thanks to a series of devices called Plume Pods. These are devices that plug into your wall outlet and the idea is that by placing it in every room, it will ensure that your entire home will have strong WiFi coverage to provide users with a fast and reliable connection.

If it sounds like a range extender, we suppose to a certain extent it is. However according to its creators, the Plume Pods will help create what they are calling “Adaptive WiFi”. This means that the system is able to constantly calculate where you are to adjust the signal accordingly, so as you move further, the strength should be amplified to help reach you.

Now we can’t speak to its effectiveness, but if stable and wide-reaching WiFi coverage is important to you, the company is taking pre-orders for the Plume Pods that are priced at $39 each ($49 after launch) with a minimum order of 6. Head on over to its website to place an order, or check out the video above to learn more.

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