sandisk_usb_cUSB-C is widely believed to become the new standard in terms of ports and connectivity. So far we’ve seen various OEMs adopt the USB-C standard either in their computers or their mobile devices, which is why if you have adopted such a device yourself, you might be pleased to learn that SanDisk has new USB-C flash drive options for you to choose from.

Announced at Computex 2016, SanDisk’s new flash drives are pretty standard as far as flash drives are concerned. They will be available in 16GB options starting at $20, but if you need more storage then you can expect to pay as much as much as $70 for the 128GB models. According to SanDisk, they are boasting 150MB/s read speeds so they will be pretty speedy.

Note that these flash drives are under SanDisk’s Dual Drive lineup, which means that not only can they connect to USB-C ports, but push the tab to the other side and you will reveal a USB 3.1 port, meaning that you will be able to buy this flash drive today and use it with regular USB ports, but at the same time there’s a USB-C connector on the other side for when your computers start sporting the USB-C port.

The upside is that with its USB-C connector, it will play nicely with smartphones and tablets that have the port opening. The drives are available via retailers such as Amazon, so head on over if you’d like to get your hands on it.

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