sony_slow_chargingThese days, companies like Qualcomm and Samsung are introducing fast charging technology to their hardware. The idea is that while we are still quite a distance away from smartphones that can last an entire week without charging, having a phone that charges to 100% in an hour would be a welcome alternative.

However if you’ve ever tried fast charging before, or if you’ve tried charging an iPhone with an iPad charger, you know that sometimes it gets a bit hot. Interestingly enough it seems that Sony has decided that maybe slow and steady would be a better idea. It has been discovered in the latest Sony Marshmallow AOSP beta that Sony has introduced the option to charge devices slowly.

Like we said, fast charging can lead to devices getting a bit hot which can’t be too good for the battery. If you’re planning on keeping your phone around for the next 2-3 years, then obviously you’ll want to take care of your battery’s lifespan, and we guess slow charging it would be one way to do so.

Of course you’ll probably take advantage of this feature when you don’t need the phone right away, like if you’re planning on staying home, or if you want to leave your phone charging overnight while you sleep. It’s an interesting idea, but what say you?

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