steam controllerOne of the main differences between gaming on a PC and a console in the living room is the input method. PC gaming generally involves using a keyboard and mouse, while living gaming relies on gamepads. However Valve has attempted to bridge the two by giving its Steam Machines an accompany Steam Controller.

Turns out that even with the odd design, Valve has managed to sell quite a lot of units. In a update on the Steam website, Valve revealed that they have sold more than 500,000 Steam controllers to date. “We’re excited to announce that over half a million Steam Controllers have been sold. With every controller that comes online we get the opportunity to get more feedback on how to make the Steam Controller even better.”

They have also announced that they are making some updates/changes to the controller that will hopefully improving the gaming experience for you guys. One of those changes is the ability to configure the controller even further. According to Valve, “You will soon be able to use Activators to assign actions to press-and-hold, double click, toggle and more. For example, in DOOM you can cycle through all weapons by pressing a button or double tap it to bring up your BFG.”

Other updates include rumble pass-through, Steam VR support, and so on. If you haven’t updated your controller yet, you might want to do so in order to get in on the latest features.

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