spam_callerThere’s a very good chance that every now and then you will receive a call from an unknown number. There are some who are hesitant when answering calls from people they don’t know, and sometimes it can be hard knowing whether the number is from your bank informing you of your account, or a telemarketer.


So far the Phone app on Android has done a decent job at identifying businesses when they call you, and it looks like the feature will now be getting an upgrade in the form of a spam caller detector. As you can see in the image above, when a number thought to belong to a spam caller flashes on your phone, it will flash in red as a warning.

This lets the user know that the person who is trying to call might be a spammer and that they probably should not answer it. Users will then have the option of either blocking it and reporting it as a spammer, or they can mark it as a legitimate number belonging to a friend that somehow got flagged by accident as a spammer.

It should be noted that this feature is currently only available on Nexus and Android One handsets for now, but presumably it will eventually find its way to other Android devices that uses the same Phone app (assuming it has not been replaced by the OEM with their own version).

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