bookmark nightlightIf you plan to do some reading at night, ideally you’d want to ensure that you have sufficient lighting, but maybe you want to save some energy, or maybe you’re in the room with someone else who is sleeping and you don’t want to wake them up by turning on the lights. This is where we reckon the Bookmark Light could come in handy.

Created by Japanese designer Kouichi Okamoto, as the name suggests, this is both a bookmark and a nightlight. As you can see in the photo above, it shines a pretty bright light making it easy for you to read at night. When not in use, it also doubles up as a bookmark which also means that you can bring it with you wherever you go, and always have a spare nightlight handy, or maybe just a light in general.

How does this work? It is pretty straightforward as all users have to do is by placing a battery into a slot and folding the film material bookmark over it. Thanks to the use of silver and a nanoparticle ink as a conductor, it should light up when folded together. Unfortunately as far as bookmarks are concerned, the Bookmark Light isn’t exactly cheap.

It is priced at 2,128 JPY which is around $20 and can be purchased via Kyouei Design’s website.

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