pokemon go safetyThere’s just something about Pokemon GO that is causing people to behave recklessly. We’ve heard stories of gamers falling off cliffs, getting into car accidents, and in some parts of the world, accidentally wandering into minefields. This is why it isn’t surprising to learn that even though the game has yet to be released in Japan, the government has taken steps to ensure that if and when the game is released, players will be a bit more responsible and watch their surroundings.

The Japanese government have recently released safety warnings for gamers who will eventually play the game upon its release. A lot of the warnings are pretty straightforward and logical, like making sure gamers don’t wander off train platforms onto the tracks by accident, or getting run over by cars, and so on.

They also include some privacy tips like how players shouldn’t use their real names or post photos of their homes. They have also advised gamers to bring a backup battery not so much that they’re encouraging gamers to play more, but rather the battery is to ensure that when their phone runs out of juice, they’ll have a backup in case they need to contact anyone.

They also tell gamers that they should be careful of getting heatstroke especially during the summer, and to stay out of dangerous places. Like we said, a lot of this is common sense but we suppose being reminded every now and then can’t hurt.

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