pokedex power bankPlaying Pokemon GO is no doubt a huge drain on your battery, which is why carriers such as T-Mobile have launched promotions that offer gamers discount on power banks. Sprint too has gotten in on this by offering charging stations at their stores. However we reckon it might be a bit hard to beat this particular setup.

Using a 3D printer, NPOOLE has created a Pokedex that combines a power bank inside of it. This also doubles up as a smartphone case meaning that not only will your Pokemon GO adventures look more legit, but you will also have enough juice to last you the rest of the day, or at least longer than if you did not have the power bank.

The Pokedex itself is just the shape and design, meaning that it actually does not work like the Pokedex in the game where you can store all the information about Pokemon on it, although we suppose your smartphone is more than capable of doing that. It also packs a 18,650mAh battery which should be big enough to last you more than one day.

Unfortunately NPOOLE’s creation will not be available for purchase, but the good news is that the information and the files needed to 3D print one for yourself is available on Sparkfun, so check it out if you’d like to build a similar setup for yourself.

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