pokemongo_peakWith the meteoric rise of Pokemon GO, we’re sure many are wondering if its fall would be just as meteoric, or if Niantic could somehow manage to sustain it and keep it popular for years to come. Given that the game is less than a month old, we guess it’s still a bit too early to tell, but for now it seems that recent numbers have shown that the game might have peaked in the US market.

According to SurveyMonkey, they have shown that Pokemon GO might have peaked in the US market as early as the 14th of July which is roughly a week after it was released. They note that the game had around 25 million daily active users at its peak before things started to decline. However this decline shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing as it just means that things have started to normalize.

It is possible that gamers who were excited about its release decided that after playing the game that it wasn’t for them, or maybe people just downloaded it because their friends told them to, but never really bothered to stick around after that. However with the game having yet to be released in other markets around the world, it still has quite a lot of markets where it can do well in.

For example it was only just launched in Japan and there are plenty of markets around Asia where gamers are eagerly anticipating the game. Just recently Apple themselves have confirmed that the game broke the iTunes record for the most downloads within a week of its release, so that’s saying a lot. With new features such as trading in the works, we reckon that it will be enough to keep gamers interested for a while, but what do you guys think?

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