redditThe next time you post something to Reddit, there is a chance that it could be used for a marketing campaign. Just like how we see marketers rely on social media personalities on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to promote and market a product/service, it seems that Redditors could soon be part of that narrative as well.


In a report on Ad Age, Reddit revealed their plans to allow marketers to sponsor user posts. Now it should be noted that this isn’t a traditional sponsorship program where users get paid for posting content. Instead it seems that marketers will seek out content on Reddit that they think is suited to their brand, and use that post (with permission, of course) as an ad that will be distributed on Reddit.

This means that if you’re part of a sub-Reddit that’s about DIY computers, and you post about using a particular brand’s piece of hardware, that company could use your post as a form of advertising. Users who agree to have their posts sponsored won’t get money, like we said. Instead they will be getting a lifetime subscription to Reddit Gold.

According to Reddit’s CEO Steve Huffman, “This isn’t traditional display advertising. This is different and more personable. You have to bring your A game here and if you do, it works amazingly.”

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