samsung ufsStorage mediums have changed and evolved over time. Long gone are the days where we had to carry around boxes of floppy disks, and less common these days are CDs and DVDs as most software can be downloaded from the internet. Even the humble microSD could be going the way of the dinosaur soon because as you might recall, Samsung has announced its successor.

Just last week Samsung unveiled new removable UFS memory cards which are designed to replace the microSD. Unfortunately the UFS cards aren’t compatible with current microSD cards, meaning that if you wanted to use it, you’d have to have a device that has a UFS compatible slot. The good news is that it looks like Samsung is already working on it.

In a statement provided to Droid-Life, Samsung revealed that they are working on developing a new slot that will work with both UFS and microSD. This means that in the future, you will be able to use either a UFS memory card or microSD, depending on your preference, but either way the slot will not exclude UFS or microSD.

“The new UFS cards are not compatible with the current microSD card socket. However, we have developed a socket design that can support both UFS cards and microSD cards. We are working with different partners in the industry on this integration for next-generation devices.” That being said, Samsung has yet to announce the pricing and availability of its new UFS memory cards, but hopefully these new slots will be available around the same time.

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